Doc Rivers: I Could Beat Easily Obama At Golf, Michael Jordan? Not So Much

Obama’s golf game, aka, the Rodney Dangerfield of sports, just can’t seem to get any respect..

NBA legend Doc Rivers took a shot at the leader of the free world, saying thinks he could beat President Obama at small ball, but wouldn’t stand a chance against another NBA legend, Michael Jordan.

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Secret Service Investigating THREAT AGAINST OBAMA

A “potentially suspicious person and vehicle” was parked near where President Obama was attending a fundraising stop tonight.

The Secret Service is now investigating the incident as a possible threat.

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Connecticut police have been informed of the report by the Secret Service, as well as being advised to be on lookout for this suspicious person. Continue reading


When it comes to the 2012 presidential election, a majority of Americans say that they are so bummed they voted for President Obama, that if they could do it all over again, they overwhelmingly would have voted for Mitt Romney..

That’s just one finding in a brutal CNN poll, released Sunday.

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The poll which shows Romney topping Obama in a re-election rematch by a whopping nine-point margin, 53 percent to 44 percent. Continue reading

Baseball Player Spontaneous Obama Selfie Really Samsung Promotion

Last month’s Oscars ceremony took us all for a ride after portraying Ellen DeGeneres’ celebrity selfie as totally spontaneous, when in fact it was a well planned million-dollar Samsung promotion. The resulting tweet of the now iconic image became the most popular in history.selfie

Now we are learning the truth about another so-called spontaneous selfie, this time depicting Red Sox star, David Ortiz, a.k.a., big papi and President Obama. As it turns out, the seemingly impromptu moment – was in reality another carefully crafted Samsung ruse.. This time using the White House as their backdrop.

Samsung, no doubt feeling the heat from getting outed by a mystery source, released the following statement,

“When we heard about the visit to the White House, we worked with David and the team on how to share images with fans. We didn’t know if or what he would be able to capture using his Note 3 device.” source

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So Who Wins In A Fistfight? Obama Or Putin?

In a fistfight between the leader of the free world and the leader of that other world, who would win?
obama putin

DailyCaller is examining both President Barack Obama and President Vladimir Putin’s exercise routines, sheer manliness, athletic prowess, celebrity friends, alcohol consumption and friendliness toward animals to determine who would win. Continue reading

O’Reilly Asks Obama The TOUGH Questions Pre Super Bowl Interview

President Barack Obama is getting some time in front of the cameras before sitting down to watch the Super Bowl. He’s doing a live interview from the White House with Bill O’Reilly about two hours before kickoff, during the Fox pregame show. The interview comes less than a week after Obama’s State of the Union speech.

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