Mischa Barton Lawyer: She Can’t Even Visit Her Dog

Mischa Barton owns a huge Beverly Hills mansion, there’s just one little problem, her momager has locked her out of the house and will not even allow her to visit her own dog.

Mischa is currently suing her mother, Nuala, claiming she treated her like an ATM and bought the massive home without her knowledge. The house would later go into foreclosure in August 2014.

Mischa Barton catches a cab with friends in NYC

Now Barton alleges that Nuala stole money to buy the $7.8 million estate, which she is “using as her ATM,” says Barton’s lawyer, Alex Weingarten. Continue reading

Twins? Sara Paxton vs. Mischa Barton on “The Beautiful Life”

The new show “The Beautiful Life” that is soon to hit the CW, has got some new competition for Miss Mischa Barton. This new girl on the show ‘Sara Paxton’, looks like an upgraded twin sister of Mischa! She looks like a skinnier version of  Mischa with a blonde wig.

How might this show go? I’m guessing drugs, jealousy, kniving and money.

Why did they get a girl that looks identical to Mischa? Maybe she’ll be playing her sister?…