Kate Upton Stars In New Lady Antebellum Video Bartender

Kate Upton, in all her glory, stars in Lady Antebellum new music video for their latest single, “Bartender.”

Arrested Development’s Tony Hale, also appears which follows Kate and her friends on a girls’ night out, which ends with bartender Tony slinging his best shots in an effort to win (or if you win, you lose,) drinking game.


“I think we definitely captured the spirit of the song, but we also threw in some unexpected twists that the fans will love,” Continue reading

Website REMOVES Kate Upton Photo Replaces With Anti-Semitic Image

The folks over at celebjihad removed a fake Kate Upton photo after receiving a takedown notice from the model’s lawyers — and then replaced the image with an anti-semitic cartoon depicting a hook-nosed lawyer holding a wad of cash.

As if there could possibly be any doubt as to whether or not the cartoon is anti-semitic, the image itself is named xjew_cartoon2.


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Kate Upton and DWTS Maksim Chmerkovskiy OFFICIALLY DATING

Kate Upton and Maksim Chmerkovskiy are officially boning! We mean dating! Talk about opposites attracting! Plump Upton dating a man with the body of a dancer! Matter of fact, he is a dancer! There is an 11 year difference between the new couple, Upton at 21 and Maksim at 33.rs_300x300-130730091607-600.kate.cm.73013 Continue reading


Age is just a number, especially when you own your own time machine.. Christie Brinkley, 59, appearing on the red carpet with Kate Upton, 21, looking stunning, even out-stunning by commanding more attention from the photogs than that of the much younger Upton. It’s worth repeating, Brinkley is almost 40 years older than Kate.

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