Is Jay Carney On His Way To MSNBC?

Jay Carney maintained that he not interested in going back to his job before his stint as WH Spokesman, a journalist, but sources say MSNBC is courting his for a contributor position.

Carney reported for Time in Moscow, and being Washington Bureau Chief for Newsweek.

White House spokesman Jay Carney gives t

“I’m not going to go back to being a journalist full time,” Carney told the New York Times.  I’m not going to disappear from view.” Continue reading

PHOTO: Press Secretary Jay Carney Curious Home Russian Decor

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney and his family are featured in uber-corny profile in this month’s Washingtonian magazine. But Russia may not find the spread camp, heck, they may even dub it, Ochen’ khorosho!


The only thing that’s missing is Fluffy! Okay so maybe there’s already enough fluff!

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