Creed Singer’s Wife To 911: He’s Planning To Assassinate OBAMA

Creed singer, Scott Stapp, was the subject of a 911 call placed by his now estranged wife.

During the call, Stapp’s wife, Jaclyn, tells the operator her husband is acting erratically, riding a bicycle, claiming to be in the CIA, while threatening to assassinate President Obama.

Scott Stapp Son SPEAKS jagger

Jaclyn joins the 911 call at the 40-minute mark, telling the dispatcher Scott had printed out hundreds of pages of CIA documents which he supposedly found online, put them in a bag and took off on his bike. Stapp’s sister-in-law was also involved in the call. Continue reading

Scott Stapp Chilling Text To Ex: Biological Weapons On The Way

Creed singer, Scott Stapp, who claims he is homeless and penniless, sent his wife a series chilling text during their divorce, one claiming he was ready to use biological weapons.

Jaclyn Nesheiwat, a former Miss New York, got hitched to Stapp February 11, 2006, filing for divorce from the singer this month. The couple has three children, two of those together.

scott stapp Jaclyn Nesheiwat 2

“Florida is not safe. Biological weapons on the way,” he reportedly said. “U have to leave with kids and meet me in Atlanta.’ Continue reading