Dallas Cowboy RB Arrested SHOPLIFTING From The Mall

Joseph Randle, the Dallas Cowboys reserve running back, who has a base salary of almost $500,000, was arrested for shoplifting from a suburban mall Monday night.

Randle is accused of stealing underwear and cologne from a Dillard‘s located in the mall.

joseph randle shoplifting cologne dillards

Randle was charged with a misdemeanor Class B theft of $50 to $500, according to Frisco, Texas, police. Continue reading

Cowboys Cheerleader in Doghouse After Ball Stunt

One of Buffalo’s Wide Receivers David Nelson, is dating a Cowboys Cheerleader, who he handed the ball to after his touchdown on the Cowboys home turf.

It’s legally A-OK that a NFL cheerleader is dating a NFL player, as long as they don’t play for the same team- if they were on the same team it would be considered “fraternization”. Today’s stunt at the Cowboys vs. Bills game wasn’t about fraternization, it was about the mere stupidity of Nelson, of not only putting his girlfriend in an awkward position by handing the ball to her after a touchdown for Buffalo, but also by putting her Cheerleading position in jeopardy.…