Instagram REMOVES Risque Chrissy Teigen Photo

Chrissy Teigen thought she was going to get away with posting a revealing photo to Instagram, but after a few hours, the social media giant stuck to their guns and removed the photo.

The photo, which depicted Teigen sprawled out on green patent leather chair, had garnered thousands of likes before it got the axe.

Chrissy Teigen instagram photo green chair

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Chrissy Teigen Throws Out Dodgers First Pitch DRUNK

Chrissy Teigen, singer John Legend‘s lady love, successfully threw out the Dodgers first pitch though admitting she had gotten drunk beforehand.

The game was between the Angels and Dodgers.

Chrissy Teigen dodgers first pitch 6

Forstarters, Teigen started the day off by tweeting that her dad was making birthday margaritas “like only dad can!!” That was followed by two tweets an hour later that read “Crap I’m pretty drunk” and “My mom is bombed.” Continue reading