Does Tori Spelling Have EBOLA?

Tori Spelling has been hospitalized at Cedars Sinai Hospital and placed in insolation with a myriad of symptoms, including fever, severe coughing and trouble breathing.

Although Spelling is being handled like an Ebola patient, she is not believed to have the killer virus.

tori spelling intervention2

Spelling was quarantined from other patients, and medical staff took the precautions over the actress’ infectious state.

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Tori Spelling Blamed by Mother for Father’s Death

Candy and Tori

Candy and Tori

Candy Spelling, who is Tori Spelling’s Mother, and widowed wife of TV legend Aaron Spelling, said some awful stuff about Tori on a Massachusetts radio show yesterday. Since Aaron’s death in 2006, Candy has been battling their daughter Tori over various differences that are obviously not solved. Over the last few years since Aaron’s death, Candy has really stuck the knife in the table by badmouthing Tori for everything from Aaron’s decision to give Tori a smaller inheritance, to Tori’s decision to ‘not let Candy meet her own grandchildren’.…