THE SHORT LIST: World’s Shortest Celebrities Revealed!

You don’t have to be tall to be a celebrity.. Case in point..


Snooki, the “Jersey Shore” star stands at only 4’8″ so it’s no surprise you’ll usually see this gal in HIGH heels.

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Eva Longoria Nearly Flashes David Letterman

On Wednesday night’s David Letterman show, Eva Longoria was promoting her new cookbook.  She has compiled a book of family and her own recipes called Eva’s Kitchen.

She came out dressed in a blazer and tiny shorts that matched, and told Letterman that she had worn a tuxedo for him.  He jested back at her, “Or part of one.”  David Letterman told her she looked tremendous as his eyes bugged out a little.

Longoria was just asking for trouble wearing a low-cut, tight jacket with no shirt or bra under it. …