WATCH: Cop PUNKS IRS Phone Scammer In Now Viral Facebook Video

A Wisconsin police officer called back a man pretending to be an IRS agent after the scammer left a threatening voicemail. In a now viral Facebook video of the exchange, officer Kyle Roder calls the number and asks, “Hello, is this the IRS? It said to call this number, you said I had committed a fraud or something?”

At one point, Roder asks the fake IRS investigator, (who seems unaware he’s the one getting scammed,) for his name and badge number, which the scammer replies, “James Maxwell.” When Roder asks a second time so he could write the name down, the man replied, “James Johnson.” When Roder catches him giving a different name, the man tries to cover up by saying, “my name is James Maxwell Johnson, sir.”

“But you said you’re going to issue a warrant for me and come to my house,” Roder says. “If you don’t have my address, how are you going to do that?” He also asks how much time he has until his arrest, to which the man replies, “Until our shift is over.” The would-be swindler’s attempt to scare Roder into wiring money gets even less convincing when he offers to identify himself with his name and government badge number. Continue reading

Woman Found On White House Fence HANGING FROM SHOELACES

According to the incident report, the latest White House fence jumper was apprehended by Secret Service agents after being discovered dangling on the spired fence from her shoelaces.

The unidentified woman, who is listed as 38 years old, stared at The White House for an extended period of time before making the failed attempt to jump the fence Tuesday at 10:50 PM.

The Secret Service agent who was watching her lost sight for a second and the next thing he knew she had caught her shoelaces on an iron spire and dangled helplessly on the inside of the fence. Agents helped her down before arresting her to keep her from falling on her head. She had a map of the White House, although the incident report does not explain whether the map showed the interior or exterior grounds. h/t tmz

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Pictured is the man who allegedly committed a knife attack on the British Parliament. The terror attack suspect is seen being carted off into an ambulance after being shot by Parliament police officers.

The bearded man, who is reportedly “Asian” in appearance, entered the grounds of the Houses of Parliament and stabbed a policeman just after 2.30pm GMT this afternoon.

He reportedly ran through the security check at the gates and stabbed at a police officer. He was shot up to three times. The policeman who was stabbed is believed to have later died, the BBC reports. The man was quickly overcome by security personnel who levelled their weapons at him as he lay prone on the ground. Continue reading

TX Rodeo Fans MOURN Death Of 10-Year-Old Barrel Racing Girl

A Gofundme page has been set up for talented barrel racing rider, Piper Faust, after she was killed before she was to set to compete in the Caldwell Rodeo on Saturday.

Faust, 10, died after her horse spooked and rolled on top of her. Her parents described her as an old soul with a bright, kind personality and competitive drive.

“People just met her and they were drawn to her,” her father KTBX. “She was the brightest little star.” The South Texas Youth Rodeo announced on Facebook that they will honor Piper at the next rodeo. Barrel racing is a core competition at most rodeos. The sport involves a rider making a cloverleaf pattern around barrel drums in an effort to claim the fastest time. While some men do compete in the sport, most barrel racers are women and youth riders. Continue reading


Fans of June ‘Mama June’ Shannon have been treated to a sneak peek showing off her dramatic weight loss and subsequent transformation into a blond bombshell! Shannon is featured on an episode of “From Not to Hot,” which airs airs Fridays on WE tv.

ET aired a teaser from the upcoming episode featuring Shannon, 37, debuting for the first time her stunning weight loss after undergoing gastric sleeve and skin removal surgeries along with a diet and exercise plan.

Mama June’s daughter Honey Boo Boo, 11, previously revealed her mother has been covering up in bulky outfits in public to keep her transformation hidden from public view until it airs on TV. There’s even been speculation that she was wearing a fat suit while filming some scenes of her reality show in order to disguise the full extent of her slim down until the big ‘reveal’. Continue reading

Hunter Biden To Estranged Wife Hallie: If You CHEATED On Me Show Me The BEEF!

Hunter Biden, son of former Vice President, Joe Biden, is demanding his estranged wife, Kathleen Biden, turn over any and all incriminating evidence against herself as proof she cheated on him. The move comes as another bombshell in the bitter divorce.

Hunter, 47, recently made headlines after it was revealed he was in a “relationship” with Hallie Biden, the widow of Beau Biden, his brother who died in May of 2015. Hunter’s holdings as it’s related to his net worth are not listed publicly however, his father, Joe Biden’s net worth is reported at $900 thousand dollars.

Kathleen claimed in divorce docs that Hunter was frequently engaged with prostitutes and “other women.” And now, in newly filed legal docs, Hunter is asking Kathleen to turn over “letters, cards, notes and emails between you and any person that you had a romantic or sexual relationship with other than your husband during the marriage,” reports tmz. Continue reading

ALL IN THE FAMILY: Hallie Biden, Widow of Beau Biden, Now In Relationship With His Brother

Hallie Biden, the widow of Beau Biden, who died at age 46 in 2015, is now in a relationship with his brother, Hunter Biden, it has been revealed. Former Vice President, Joe Biden and his wife Jill issued a joint statement saying: “We are all lucky that Hunter and Hallie found each other as they were putting their lives together.”

According to reports, Hunter, 47, separated from his wife Kathleen, aged 48, but the split was not made public until now. They have three children together. The new couple now share five children between them.

In February Biden spoke of his children at an event in New York and said: ‘My son Hunter, who is still here and running the family, is better than me’ The grieving daughter in law of Vice President Joe Biden is in a romantic relationship with Hunter Biden, her late husband’s younger brother, it was dramatically revealed Wednesday. Continue reading

DOCTORS STUMPED As Teen Girl Can’t Stop Hiccuping

Michigan teen, Karley Reidzans, say she has endured a case of the hiccups that has gone on for almost two years. After visiting several different doctors, an exact diagnosis has not yet been made.

“We couldn’t say exactly what it is,” one doctor said. “It seems to be some sort of a brain misfire is all we can say right now. There may be something about the way that her body is perceiving certain stimuli.

“It’s pretty much all the time,” said Reidzans, 17, of Zeeland, MI. She’s had the hiccups for almost two years. “They started, and we thought it was funny for the first few days but then after like a month or so my mom took me to the doctor.” Continue reading

FOX NEWS Anchor Brenda Buttner DEAD At 55

Brenda Buttner, a Fox News senior business correspondent and anchor has died. She was 55. Colleague, Neil Cavuto tearfully announced the sad news Monday on his show.

Buttner took to Twitter in late 2015 announce her illness. She reportedly battled breast cancer which spread to other parts of her body. “I am battling cancer right now and hope to be back as soon as possible.” said Buttner to a Twitter fan in 2016.

“When is the last time you laughed at a business show? I don’t know,” Cavuto said, while choking up. “Business journalism is never gonna be the same. I just don’t know, now that she’s gone, whether we’ll ever be. Brenda Buttner. Gone way too soon at 55.” Continue reading