Megan Fox Baby Name Revealed

Megan Fox and her hubby, Brian Austin Green, named their new bundle of joy, Bodhi Ransom Green!

Bodhi (Sanskrit: बोधि; and Pali) comes from Buddhism and is the understanding possessed by a Buddha regarding the nature of things. And Ransom is something you pay, think the Lindbergh baby! Wild and straight up weird..
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Megan Fox is Hot When She’s Mad

Megan Fox and her new husband Brian Austin Green went to pick up Brian’s son “Kassius”, from Karate lessons in West Hollywood, and the paparazzi seemed to anger not only Megan, but Brian too. A report came out last week that a fan asked Megan for a photo during her dinner time out with Brian, and Brian told the fan to leave and that they (Meg & Brian) don’t take pictures anymore. Maybe they are tired of the attention? Like I always say, they knew what business they were getting into so deal with it! Oh, and if you live or have lived in Hollywood like me, I know that you know exactly where they are in this photo! They better start taking little Kassius to Karate lessons in the Valley :)

Megan’s face looks so cute when she’s mad, but that wt outfit n’ tats combo doesn’t look so good when she’s mad.

Megan Fox

Brian, Kassius & Megan

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