OOPS Republicans Run “WE BEAT OBAMACARE” Commercials

President Donald Trump and the Republicans in general may have suffered a major defeat in their efforts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, but you wouldn’t know it if you watched the commercials airing during tonight’s basketball broadcasts that erroneously touted Republicans in succeeding to repeal ObamaCare.

Per Deadspin, which has footage of a number of ads running in Republican districts, thanking lawmakers—including California’s David Valadao, Iowa’s David Young, and Texas’ Will Hurd—for “replacing the Affordable Care Act.” Ironically, several of the representatives being thanked—including Virginia Representative Barbara Comstock, whose ad is viewable above, had publicly pulled support for Ryan’s bill earlier today. It’s not entirely clear whether the group funding the ads, the American Action Network, was trying to make some sort of subtle point by keeping the ”Thank yous” sarcastically on the books, or if they were just too surprised by the congressional defeat to pull their pre-paid ad buys in time. h/t avclub

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