Cyberbullying Turns Violent for My Chemical Romance Fans

MCRSocial networking. Love it or hate it, it’s here to stay, and we’d better start learning how to use it responsibly.

This week, there have been 2 incidents where bodily harm resulted from clashing musical fanbases.  Twitter hashtags sprang up on timelines, trending #SingitforSniper  (‘Sniper’ being a young My Chemical Romance fan who was cyber-bullied by  a Justin Bieber fan to the point where she attempted suicide via overdose; she is now hospitalized and recovering), then mere days later #SingitForShane began its circuit, which was to show support for a young MCR fan who was physically attacked by a group of ‘Beliebers’, which resulted in broken bones and glass embedded in his leg. He is also currently hospitalized.
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A State of Nirvana? Or Lost on Mars?

This week Jared Leto took another step into his journey to becoming one of the most polarizing figures in pop culture.

Why? Because when he released this You Tube video, which he detailed as tribute to Kurt Cobain, he lit a firestorm.

In perusing the video comments, there seems to be no in-between ground in people’s opinions- they speak of all-out admiration or seething hate.

Some made the point that, as both an actor and musician, Leto paid tribute to Cobain in the best way his unique combination of abilities could offer.…