BLINK: Why Is DrudgeReport RADIO SILENT On #ReportTheMemo?

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As Matt Drudge gets over his hangover from celebrating the anniversary of his Monica Lewinsky scoop, a blockbuster story that is credited with making him not only a multimillionaire, but also a trusted and powerful political tastemaker, he has decided to go silent on a breaking story that is so rocking, it’s about to cause an earthquake in DC.

So what is #ReportTheMemo? Only a top secret memo that reportedly exposes Obama FBI and DOJ collusion in an effort to stop the election of now President Donald Trump. That’s all..


TRENDING: Ben Shapiro On #ReleaseTheMemo "People Will Go To Jail"

The memo’s pending release has put many in Washington, D.C. on edge while keeping the glorious spin cycle on high – But Druge? Radio silence.

A quick look at the DrudgeReport shows not a single mention of potentially the biggest story in American politics since Watergate and the Pentagon Papers and ugh, the Clinton sex scandal.

Mountain out of a molehill? Perhaps not. Have an eye popping look at what Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) had to say after viewing the leaked FISA document.

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Ben Shapiro On #ReleaseTheMemo "People Will Go To Jail"
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