China BANS New Star Wars Flick After Deeming Actors “Not Pretty Enough”

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We’ve been telling you here on that “The Last Jedi” has fallen flat with fans who have actually started a petition to yank the newest installment from the franchise lineup.

And now, the Chinese have completely pulled the film from theaters citing a major issue with casting. “These actors aren’t very beautiful,” says the owner of China’s biggest Star Wars forum, Chen Tao.


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Tao, a project manager and longtime Star Wars fan says that one of the reasons the movie failed at the box office is because the actors “aren’t very beautiful.” That’s definitely a new criticism that hasn’t been brought up to Rian Johnson yet. The director might have to explain this one as he has every other decision that he’s made for The Last Jedi.

Tao reveals that the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies do so well in China because they feature well-known locations (sometimes) and because the actors all meet the “public’s aesthetic standards.” However, The Last Jedi’s actors aren’t as pretty as their more beautiful cousins in the MCU, according to Tao. He had this to say.

“These actors aren’t very beautiful, which may deter a lot of Chinese from seeing the recent films. We fans often joke that if Finn were played by Will Smith, Chinese people might be more inclined to watch it, because he’s very handsome.”

Tao’s opinions are shared by a large swath of Star Wars fans from around the world.

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