Christian Thomas McCall Neighbors React To Shooting That Injured 4 SC Cops, K9 “Crazy Person At The End Of Our Road”

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Christian Thomas McCall, 47, has been named as the South Carolina man accused of shooting four law enforcement officers and a K9 officer.

Police responded to a report of a domestic dispute at 3042 Farrier Lane, York, SC., late Monday and early Tuesday, a sheriff’s spokesman said. After deputies arrived on scene a shootout commenced with officers.


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McCall was injured in the nearly six-hour ordeal with officers near the home outside the city of York, York County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Trent Faris said.

Three injured officers were taken to an area hospital with gunshot wounds. Two by LifeFlight, police said.

The officers’ names and conditions weren’t released.

The K9’s condition is unknown.

McCall also was taken to a hospital; information on his condition was not released.

“We could really use your prayers and thoughts for those officers right now,” Faris said at a news conference early Tuesday.


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  • Jason Piasecki

    You all need to take a step back and stop bringing race into this!! This community lost a good man with a family who was just doing his job in preventing a white trash piece of garbage from hurting his wife!! It doesn’t matter what color he was or what he believed, he was the guy that showed up when you called 911 for help. All this race garbage has no place here, let’s all just say thank you for your service and let the man Rest In Peace.

  • Susan Stafford

    His wife should be charged also. She had to know how crazy he was.

  • Patrick Shane O’Marra

    Stfu a–hole and go steal some more Cheetos and Gerry Curl.

  • Patrick Shane O’Marra

    You libtards are pussies….just stfu and run along.

  • Patrick Shane O’Marra

    Here we go again…from the left “well white men do it more than us”. Psssh, stfu hoodlums…go back to what you were born to do–stealing Nikes and burning down nursing homes

  • JimmyPete

    It was good enough to shoot 4 or 5 cops, but sure this guy was simply a patriot who wanted to defend himself from the gubermet , he should have joined a well regulated Militia.

  • Misanthrope


  • Misanthrope

    You think only Big Bro should have weapons…

    Not a historian, eh?

  • Misanthrope

    It was definitely not a “military weapon”.

  • JimmyPete

    Damn if you can’t see a Trump supporter here you b blind,

  • JimmyPete

    the vast majority of terrorist acts in this country are from right wing white males, you can look that up easily, yet Trump is trying to downplay this, If all these insecure White Guys like the criminal here who shot the cops, couldn’t simply go to a gun show and buy a military weapon our police would be a hellava lot safer, but go ahead complain about peaceful protests. Yes there is crime in the ghetto in fact in all poor neighborhoods including rural Appalacia but the policies that allow unfettered access to lethal weapons exacerbate this.

  • Otis

    You’re on disability due to your heroin addiction.

  • mmaschin

    Actually, “White men” are too busy working, because they have jobs. If racists like you were intelligent enough to work a job, there would be a lot fewer black on black murders.

  • Otis

    ain’t you got a cross to burn or a child to molest….it’s what White men do. ….

  • Otis

    ain’t you got a cross to burn or a child to molest….it’s what White men do.

  • Smart Southerner

    What makes you think that criminal was a Trump supporter? Because he is white? And you’re not a racist, eh?

  • Obama_The_Fraud

    Your posts do not make black murderers not the highest offenders. Black crime in USA has been an epidemic for many decades. Anybody can check the records on DOJ and FBI sites.

  • Otis

    Another 2nd amendment loving, White Racist Trump supporter.


    We support and respect good Cops

  • Otis

    Well said. People are enraged about a silent nonviolent protest, while Christian Conservative Males are butchering police, school children, people attending church, etc.

  • JimmyPete

    With all the sound and fury about taking a knee and Black Lives Matter and support the Police, this is the third serious shooting this year by some White Guy with a rifle that may be should be banned. It’s only mid January.