Total Stranger GIFTS PA Firefighter Home With “One Catch” To Care For Resident Cat

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A complete stranger came through with a Christmas miracle by literally gifting a house to a Williamsport firefighter who had lost his own home in a fire last week.

So there must be some strings attached or a line of flaming hoops for firefighter JJ Lyons and his family to jump through, right? One string, the free home comes along with a commitment to care for Angel, the resident cat.


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The firefight lost his own cat in the fire.

Last week, Lyons was away with his family when he received a dreadful call informing him that his house, near Turbotville, PA, was burning down. The blaze, which started in the basement, caused nearly $400,000 in damage.

The fire left the 10-year veteran of the fire department, his wife Jessica, and his 5-year-old daughter Jilline with few options, especially right before the holidays.

“We had no idea what we were going to do or where we were going to go. We didn’t know we would be OK,” said Lyons.

That’s where Joe Miller, a total stranger, stepped in. Handing over to Lyons and his family his mother’s home, who sadly passed away earlier this year. Angel the cat was mother’s faithful feline companion.

Miller decided to give the home to the Lyons family to help them “get back on their feet.” It was also a great way to avoid interrupting Angel’s power naps in her favorite spot on the porch, where she loved to spend the day with mother Miller.

“I told JJ that we can’t bring his house back. We can’t bring his cat back but we could help him know this way and it means a lot for us to do that,” said Miller. source

Lyons said there are “still good people in the world,” as he worked with fellow firefighter to ready the home for his family’s move in.

“It’s extremely awesome. It’s definitely a huge blessing that Mr. Miller reached out to us and offered up his mother’s house,” Lyons said.

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