“Family Matters” Star BROKE Homeless Made $500 Over Last Year

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Family Matters Star, Darius McCrary, claims he has fallen on hard times after telling a family court judge that he only made $500 over the last year.

McCrary told the judge he is struggling to get acting roles and he’s only made $500 over the last year and can no longer afford to pay child support to his estranged wife, Tammy Brawner, according to docs he’s filed.


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The “Family Matters” star says he’s so down and out he’s had to move in with his aunt and uncle. As for seeing their daughter — he says he can’t afford to pay the fee for the court-appointed monitor. His visits have to be monitored because he and Tammy have restraining orders against each other. source

In the docs he says his most recent acting gig was a 7-day shoot that paid him $125/day — but he’s still waiting on the paycheck. He also says he still owes the IRS $90k.

He’s asking the court to cut him a break on child support, and to grant him unmonitored visits with his kid.

In 2015, McCrary, whose Eddie Winslow character was upstaged by lovable nerd Steve Urkel on the popular 1990s show, was busted Wednesday in Michigan for failing to pay child support, authorities told the Daily News.

An Oakland County judge ordered sheriff’s deputies to arrest the former child star during a court appearance on Wednesday, giving McCrary an ultimatum: Pay a $5,500 fine or sit in jail. source

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