Wanted MI Man Says He’ll Turn Himself In IF He Gets 1,000 Facebook Likes

Keeping - TheCount - Since 2005! - October 7, 2017

A Michigan man running from the police announced on social media he plans to turn himself in, but only if his post gets 1,000 likes on his Facebook. It only took an hour to reach that mark.

Champagne Torino of Auburn Hills has been named as the man who pulled the stunt. He has several outstanding warrants in Redford, police said.


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In a post directed at that city’s police department Friday night — he said if their next Facebook post got a thousand shares– not only would he turn himself in, but he’d also bring officers doughnuts and pick up litter around public schools. source

Redford police accepted the challenge and put Torino’s post on their Facebook page.

Redford police then posted a picture of a police woman dropping a mic. They thanked everyone for sharing the post and hope that Torino will keep his word, adding that everyone gets caught at some point.

A post appearing on Facebook, Named Champagne back in January.

Presley Marie via Facebook; “Yes I asked him if he could take me to Taco Bell and he told me yeah So he took me there and instead of taking me home he went across the street from Taco Bell and started flying and I told him to stop and let me out and when I want to go get out he grabbed my hoodie and yanked me back in the car and went flying down Elm Mira and couldn’t stop in enough time and The driver side it hit the house and we went all the way across the street into another neighbors yard that’s when I jumped out the window and called my mom and dad to come grab me and now he has in the holding so we had to hold him in the car because he was trying to get out and run it’s about time.”

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