UPDATE: VA Man Killed At “All Faze Auto Body” May Have Been Shot By Family Members

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Dana Burdick has been identified by Powhatan Deputies as the man fatally shot at an All Faze Auto Body in Powhatan County Monday night. Burdick was 35.

Earlier news reports indicated that the shooting occurred at Murphy’s body shop, however, TheCount.com has learned “All Faze Auto Body” was in-fact the exact location of the fatal family-involved shooting. All Faze operates in a space within the Anderson Highway building that is marked “Murphy’s body shop.”


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A sign pictured hanging on the auto shop’s door stated that the business was closed “for the day.” source

Local news outlets reported that Burdick was shot dead at the body shop while attempting to break into the business. The Powhatan Sheriff’s Office would not confirm that information, but did confirm the fatal shooting. Officials with the Powhatan County Sheriff’s Office said Burdick was killed during a “domestic incident involving several family members” at 9:30 p.m., however, no further explanation was given.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends at this difficult time.

This is a developing story. Refresh page for updates.

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  • Killing Independent George

    I’m thinking it’s you who didn’t know the situation, so s.t.f.u.

  • Killing Independent George

    I’m not ashamed because he was a total a-hole when he used to throw trees through the window of the cabin next door to my house. I knew the little a-hole, so a big F.U. to you. I’m not really sad just because somebody gets killed. Sometimes it happens for the best of reasons, to protect other lives.

  • Nadine Tifft

    Seriously, he’s dead. His own father who is not a good person shot him. You should be ashamed speaking of someone when you don’t know the situation.

  • Killing Independent George

    If he’s the same Dana Burdick from the Town of Florida, Massachusetts and North Adams Massachusetts, he was a really bad egg. I think he was. He used to break into the cottage next door to me and smash it and throw big logs through the windows. He left his Jeep parked on a snowmobile trail, a guy on a snowmobile rammed into it and had to get airlifted to the hospital, and this guy Dana Burdick didn’t even care. He was sharing an apartment where a girl overdosed and died, and when the cops questioned him, he didn’t even care. He was always getting into trouble, and some people you pretty much can see where they are going to end up with a bullet in them.