UK Parliament Terror Suspect IDENTIFIED UK-Born Islamic Extremist Hate Preacher

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Press reports are identifying the man responsible for the terror attack on Westminster Bridge in London, yards away from an in-session Parliament, as Abu Izzadeen, born Trevor Brooks from Clapton in Hackney, an infamous UK-born hate-preacher and Islamic extremist who had been convicted for raising funds for terrorism.

Reports say that the convicted terror fundraiser Izzadeen was branded a Muslim chaplain who served British soldiers a “traitor” for working for the UK ­Government. The report added that the radical preacher has encouraged followers to “look out” for the cleric.


Woman Found On White House Fence HANGING FROM SHOELACES

According to a separate 2016 report from The Mirror, Izzadeen was one of two Islamic extremists who admitted to a “serious and deliberate” breach of counter-terrorism restrictions by travelling abroad have been sentenced to two years in prison. Trevor Brooks, then 40, was extradited to the UK after he was arrested in Turkey on a train bound for Bucharest, Romania, in November last year. h/t pamelageller

Following the attack, Izzadeen’s Twitter account was suspended.

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Woman Found On White House Fence HANGING FROM SHOELACES
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