THE BEST Super Bowl Tweets They WISH They Could TAKE BACK!

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Lots of liberal Twitter users jumped the gun when it came to gloating over Atlanta Falcons winning Super Bowl LI in a blow out. As we now know, Tom Brady‘s Patriots mounted an incredible come back in the second half, overcoming a double digit deficit to win the game and the trophy.

Like Mark Wahlberg, who left the big game early over a “family emergency,” missing his hero Tom Brady‘s epic comeback, some doubters fired off early celebratory tweets from the left that popped the Atlanta happy cork a little too early..


President Trump Comments On Patriots Amazing Come Back Win

Some Twitter users deleted the embarrassing tweets, but thanks to the ever recording internet, we got them! Sorry Shaun King..

Not everyone was sore over the Pat’s historic win..

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President Trump Comments On Patriots Amazing Come Back Win
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