Stephen Baldwin HOME FORECLOSED He And Wife Kennya Ordered TO VACATE

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Stephen Baldwin is knee deep in boxes and packing supplies after a judge ordered he and his wife, Kennya, to vacate their New York home after failing to pay the mortgage for six years running.

Baldwin, 50, is set to see his home auctioned off in a sheriff’s sale at the Rockland County Courthouse in mid-March after failing to pay $7,000 a month in mortgage payments to Deutsche Bank totalling $1.1 million.


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Baldwin, a veteran of ‘The Apprentice’ and star of crime film ‘The Usual Suspects,’ better start calling movers to help pack up his belongings. With a foreclosure auction officially set for March 16 at Rockland County Courthouse, according to recently revealed court documents, the actor’s New York home is planned to be sold off to the highest bidder. Back in 2013, Deutsche Bank filed a foreclosure lawsuit against Stephen and his wife, Kennya, accusing them of defaulting on their loan by failing to make payments. Baldwin had originally taken out an $812,500 loan to purchase the four-bedroom, four-bathroom, 3,071square-foot house in Upper Grandview in 2000. The couple were to pay nearly $7,000 a month on the mortgage. Baldwin stopped paying his mortgage in 2011, however, and at the time of the filing, he owed almost $800,000 on the loan, according to Deutsche Bank. h/t dailymail

In December, a judge ordered that Baldwin’s home be auctioned off and mandated that the actor and his family vacate the property.

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