Bella Hadid To Selena Gomez: You BACKSTABBED Me B! By Hooking Up With The Weeknd

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Bella Hadid is saying that Selena Gomez did her wrong by locking lips with The Weeknd singer behind her back. Hadid and Weeknd broke up two months ago.

Sources close to Hadid, 20, say she feels Gomez backstabbed her by hooking up so soon after the Victoria’s Secret model and the I Can’t Feel My Face singer ended their relationship.


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Here’s where it gets interesting. We’re told it was actually Bella who pulled the plug 2 months ago, because the bi-coastal relationship was just too difficult. Nevertheless, the breakup hurt. Also interesting … a Selena source says the thing between Selena and Bella’s ex is 2 months old. They even spent the holidays together. Bella is especially incensed because she and sister Gigi helped Selena when she was on the skids dealing with numerous emotional and other issues. And there’s more. Despite the 2-month relationship, Selena never uttered a peep about it to Gigi, who’s her best friend. Gigi and Bella found out about it when they saw the pics on TMZ. And that’s when Bella unfollowed Selena on Instagram. As one Bella source put it, “Giving Bella and Gigi a heads up would have been the respectful and honorable thing to do … but I guess that’s just Hollywood.” h/t tmz

So is a Hadid Gomez feud brewing? Did Selena disrespect Hadid by dating her ex? Comment below!

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