EWW! What’s That GROWING Out Of Kylie Jenner’s KNEE?

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Kylie Jenner fans gasped after viewing a photo of the usually perfect teen with something awful growing out of her right knee. The gross photo was shared on Instagram by Jenner’s BF, rapper, Tyga.

The steamy bikini picture appeared to show a previously unidentified beauty mark, possibly a wart, proudly making its debut on one of Kylie’s prized limb. Tyga shared the snap depicting him and Jenner on vacation in Mexico last week.


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‘It looks like there’s a huge mole or some kind of bump on her knee!!’ exclaimed one bewildered fan. Another asked: ‘Is that a wart on the top of her right knee,’ and a further fan probed, ‘Is that a mole on her knee?’ Meanwhile, taking a wild guess, a fourth said: ‘She has a nipple on her knee,’ while another concluded: ‘She got a damn ladybug on her.’ Laughing at the seemingly-epic blunder, another suggested: ‘It’s a nipple on her shrunken leg!!! I thoroughly enjoy these stupid girls. money can’t fix stupid!’ Luckily, one follower seemed to get to the bottom of the mystery and spot that a tall plant in soft focus had been mistaken in front. h/t dailymail

‘Totally thought she had a wart on her knee,’ said one fan, ‘But it’s all perspective – something in front of her knee hahaha.’

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