Goofy Matt Lauer Reveals He Wears Hidden CHOKER Under Suit While Delivering News

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Matt Lauer horrified Today Show viewers by revealing he clandestinely wears a choker under his suit while delivering the news.

Wednesday, Lauer, during an episode of “Today,” showed off a choker necklace he secretly wears under his dress shirt and blazer, and has been doing so for years.


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The host was discussing the popular female fashion trend on this morning’s show before declaring that chokers are for men, too. “They’re late to the game because guys… I’ve been wearing a choker for years,” he says, unbuttoning his shirt. Al Roker appeared horrified across the news desk as Lauer made his revelation. Guest host Katie Couric — who formerly hosted “Today” — joked that she wasn’t surprised as she knew her former partner used to wear a dog collar. Lauer fired back, “yeah when I used to work with you.”— “And a leash,” he quipped. h/t dailynews

Carson Daly chimed in saying he had a whole different view of Lauer’s presentation of hard news now knowing he was wearing the trendy necklace, an accessory usually reserved by the ladies.

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