Could Jill Stein Recount Elect Hillary Clinton As PRESIDENT? The SCARY ANSWER!

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Losing Presidential candidate Jill Stein is attempting to raise funds for a recount in three swing states citing the possibility of tampered ballots. But if she succeeds and the ballots are found to be in Hillary Clinton‘s favor, would Hillary be named president? Read on..

The failed Green Party nominee believes automated voting processes in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania may have been compromised by Russian hackers so she is very close to instigating a recount in those states, but could those recounts change the result of the election in Hillary Clinton’s favor? The short and alarming answer is “yes!”



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Green Party candidate is questioning the integrity of the result in swing states but could Donald Trump end up losing the election? Yes. If an investigation reveals voting figures were incorrect — possibly due to hacked automated ballot machines — and a recount reveals that Clinton won these states, she will be President. h/t thesun

The result as it stands has Donald Trump as the victor with 306 Electoral College votes to Hillary Clinton‘s 232.


Stein needs to raise around $7 million dollars to fund challenges in the three key states. The deadline for her to announce her challenge in Wisconsin is before midnight on Friday 25 November.

The deadline in Pennsylvania is on Monday 28 November, while in Michigan it is Wednesday 30 November.


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