Is This Leaked Photo Really Bill Clinton In The Bedroom With His ENERGIZER Girlfriend?

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A shocking photo has been leaked on social media depicting what appears to be former president Bill Clinton sitting on a bed while a scantily dressed woman rubs his lower back.

The leaked photo, which could not be be authenticated at the time of this writing, shows a man with a striking resemblance to Bill Clinton sitting on a bed with a television remote in his left hand. Bill is left-handed.



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The photo was originally posted by Twitter user @0hour, who explained, “I was sent the pic cant reveal the source they said tweet it happy Monday! (sic)” Of course, if this goes as any other Clinton scandal, we may never know the truth behind the photo. One user made a bold statement, revealing that the “scantily dressed” woman has a striking resemblance to Julie Tauber, the woman that the Secret Service nicknamed “Energizer.” Perhaps it is her, but the more important question is, “Who took the picture?” I mean, for all we know, Hillary Clinton herself could have taken this photo since I wouldn’t put it past her. h/t madworldnews


Let’s face it, if the picture is real, it could have been worse, it could have been snapped inside the White House.

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