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on November 30, 2016

Who Is That On Google Doodle Today?

Google Doodle is celebrating Scientist and writer Jagadish Chandra Bose on what would have been his 158th birthday.

“Sir Jagdish Chandra Bose was a master of scientific achievement with numerous accomplishments in various fields,” Google notes, “Bose was to become known not only for his work in biophysics, but also his innovation in the world of radio and microwave sciences, ultimately inventing an early version of wireless telecommunication. As a testament to his numerous contributions to the field, a moon crater was named in his honor.”


Here’s a few Bose fast facts: He was born in 1858 & became interested in science while studying under a jesuit priest at St. Xavier’s College in Calcutta. Jagadish Chandra Bose, who also went by J.C. Bose and whose name is at times spelled Jagdish Chandra Bose, was born November 30, 1858, in present day Bangladesh, Continue reading

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on November 29, 2016

Dollywood SPARED After Gatlinburg Wildfires Rage Dangerously Close

The flames reached the very edge of Dollywood, but the popular theme park, owned by iconic country crooner, Dolly Parton, was spared any significant damage. Other area attractions were not so lucky, Mystery Mansion burned to the ground. Fanned by hurricane-force winds, the fires spread quickly with winds topping 87 mph.

Residents and tourists alike in Gatlinburg, TN., were blindsided as police abruptly ordered them to get out immediately. Some guests and residents walked 20 minutes to get out of dodge, taking rides on trolleys usually reserved for tours and wedding parties.


“There was fire everywhere. It was like we were in hell,” said Linda Monholland, who was working at Park View Inn in Gatlinburg when she and five other people fled on foot. “Walking through hell, that’s what it was. I can’t believe it. I never want to see something like that again in my life, ever.” Continue reading

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on November 29, 2016

CHERYL COLE Can’t Hide Her HUGE BABY BUMP While Out With Baby Daddy Liam Payne

Cheryl Cole did her very best to hide her pregnancy from the press, but the rumours and scuttlebut have all turned into fact after the former Girls Aloud singer stepped out with boyfriend, former One Direction singer, Liam Payne in London.

Cheryl, 33, and Payne, 23, attended the Quintessentially Foundation’s Annual Fayre of St James’ Church in London – a charity concert in aid of Cheryl’s Trust and The Prince’s Trust.


As the fabric of her khaki jumper dress clung to her curves, the singer wrapped up against the cold weather with a black coat, but was unable to fasten it due to her changing shape. Continue reading

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on November 29, 2016

Donald Trump GOING BACK ON TOUR “Thank You Tour” Officially Kicks Off December 1st!

Rockstar and President-elect, Donald Trump, is going back on tour! Trump announced a “Thank You Tour,” aka “Victory Tour,” as his way of saying thanks to his supporters for voting.

Trump’s “Thank You Tour” kicks off on December 1st with a rally at the U.S. Bank Arena in Cincinnati, Ohio beginning at 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time. This is the official start to a tour that will take Trump to various swing states that helped him beat Hillary Clinton on November 8th.


A full schedule has not yet been released, but Trump’s second stop is expected to be in Des Moines, Iowa. Trump transition officials told Bloomberg that other stops will be announced once the venues are booked. Continue reading

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on November 29, 2016

Woman Caught On Video During Epic Trump Rant At Chicago Michaels Is A Repeat Offender

A woman who was recorded going off on a Donald Trump tirade at a Michaels craft store in Chicago after being asked by store employees to pay for a reusable bag, also went off on Peet’s Coffee Shop employee back in July.

The unidentified woman in the now viral video was also caught on video berating Peet’s Coffee Shop employees back in July. A link to that video is listed below.


During the Michaels rant, the irate customer said she was being discriminated against over (among other reasons,) voting for President-Elect Donald Trump. The incident took place in one of most liberal neighborhoods of Chicago. Continue reading

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on November 28, 2016

SURVIVORS? Brazilian Soccer Team, 72 Feared Lost In Plane Crash

An entire Brazilian soccer team heading to Colombia for a regional tournament final is feared dead after a charter airplane carrying 72 people crashed on its way to Medellin’s international airport.

Rescuers are enroute to the crash scene. It is not clear what caused the accident. Medellin’s Mayor gave a glimmer of hope saying that some on board may have survived the crash.


Medellin’s Mayor Federico Gutierrez said that it is possible there are survivors. “It’s a tragedy of huge proportions,” Gutierrez told Blu Radio on his way to the site in a mountainous area outside the city where the chartered aircraft is believed to have crashed shortly before midnight local time. h/t abc7

Brazilís Chapecoense players pose for pictures during their 2016 Copa Sudamericana semifinal second leg football match in Chapeco, Brazil, on November 23. Photograph: Nelson Almeida/AFP/Getty Images

Brazilís Chapecoense players pose for pictures during their 2016 Copa Sudamericana semifinal second leg football match in Chapeco, Brazil, on November 23. Photograph: Nelson Almeida/AFP/Getty Images

Medellin’s airport confirmed that the aircraft, which departed from Bolivia, was transporting the Chapecoense soccer team from southern Brazil, which was scheduled to play the Copa Sudamerica finals against Atletico Nacional on Wednesday in Medellin.

News agency in Antioquia, Colombia, releases photos appearing to show crashed plane near La Union.


Chapecoense are a small-town provincial club, from the agro-industrial city of Chapeco in the southern Brazilian state of Santa Catarina. The club was founded in 1973. h/t espnfc

Our thoughts and prayers are with family and friends at this difficult time.

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on November 28, 2016

TAKE A BREAK! Kellyanne Conway Dons BIKINI During Quickie Family Vacation

Kellyanne Conway managed to find a little “me time” throwing on her bikini and hitting the beach over the Thanksgiving holiday with her family in Florida. Conway wore a black, frilly one-piece bikini while soaking up some badly needed sun.

Conway, 49, is Donald Trump‘s energizer bunny of a campaign manager who is transitioning from campaign mastermind to future senior adviser.


She was joined by her husband George and their four young children for the trip, with the family heading down to Key Biscayne for the holiday. Kellyanne seemed to make the most of the tropical surroundings by taking her work calls poolside during the trip, while showing off her collection of black bathing suits. Continue reading

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on November 28, 2016

THAT’S ALL FOLKS! Jill Stein MISSES PA Deadline For Recount!

Former presidential candidate, Jill Stein, raised plenty of cash, the hopes of the losers and the support of the dishonest media, but there’s one little thing she forgot in her effort to overturn Donald Trump‘s victory, Pennsylvania’s deadline to file for a voter-initiated recount.

Stein missed Pennsylvania’s deadline to file a recount which is a huge blow for Democrats who were licking their collective chops at the chance of recounts in the Keystone State, Michigan and Wisconsin.


“According to Wanda Murren, spokeswoman for the Pennsylvania Department of State,” the Philadelphia Inquirer reported Monday, “the deadline for a voter-initiated recount was Monday, Nov. 21.” Continue reading

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on November 28, 2016

LOUD BOOM FLAMES On United Airlines Flight To Japan From San Francisco

Witnesses say they heard a loud boom before seeing flames coming out of the engine of an United Airlines plane which left San Francisco International Airport for Japan Monday afternoon.

Officials at SFO said a United Flight 837, a four-engine Boeing 747 flying from SFO to Narita International Airport, had to shut down one of its four engines and was returning to the airport. No report on if the plane has yet landed safely.

ebola _united newark

“Just saw fire come out of an engine of a plane taking off from SFO. A united plane,” tweeted Sam Smith around noon. Smith, who said he was in his office in San Bruno, said the plane had flames coming out of the left side of the engine, and that there was a loud bang. “It looked like it was going to land.” “Plane was at a low altitude – 10-20 ft flame out of engine for 2 seconds,” he said. Continue reading

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on November 28, 2016

Ohio State University Attacker ID’d As Abdul Razak Ali Artan 18 From Somalia

The man who conducted an attack on the Ohio State University campus on Monday morning has been identified as 18-year-old Abdul Razak Ali Artan, according to NBC News.

Ohio State University attacker ID’d as 18-year-old Abdul Razak Ali Artan, law enforcement officials tell NBC News.


While initial reports from OSU officials claimed Ali Artan was armed with a gun, it has since been revealed that he carried out the attack using his vehicle and a butcher knife. Students present for the incident say the former Somali refugee, who reportedly left his homeland in 2007 and later became a legal U.S. resident in 2014,”slashed” several students with a butcher knife after plowing into others with his car during the attack. Continue reading