Katy Perry Voting PSA So Funny We Forgot To Laugh

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Katy Perry, a staunch Hillary Clinton supporter, teamed with Funny or Die, Rock the Vote and iHeartRadio to create a PSA urging young folks to vote.

The video, which has only been viewed 15,000 times to date, is aimed at attracting younger voters and their active libidos..



FDNY Battalion Chief KILLED In DRUG LAB Explosion

“I’ve got some great news,” she says in the video — after waking up at 10 a.m. “This year, you can look like s**t when you vote.” The “Firework” singer then heads to the polls, detailing all the different just-rolled-out-of-bed looks voters can rock with confidence on Election Day.Then the cops show up. h/t cbsnews

The video also featured a cameo of a very muscular Joel McHale.





FDNY Battalion Chief KILLED In DRUG LAB Explosion
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