Why Is Hillary Clinton Faking Rallies By Using A GREEN SCREEN?

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When Hillary Clinton first returned to the campaign trail after claiming to have a surprise case of pneumonia, a conspiracy theory hatched online, with some people on social media insisting that she was “green-screen” into her first post collapse rally and possibly others.

This theory comes on the heels Hillary was using a body double after leaving Chelsea Clinton’s apartment after suffering a medical event.



Some people who viewed Clinton’s recent rally were alarmed after noticing people filming her entrance on their mobile phones seemingly didn’t capture her on their screens.

Snopes tried to debunk the theory by pointing out that the livestream video camera was filming from a different angle than the people who were photographing Clinton. Clinton’s stage was also elevated, Snopes explained, which means people on the floor would be filming at an angle that might make it appear the phones were only capturing white or blue walls. In addition, there are some phones in the audience where you can make out Clinton on the screen, apparently debunking the “she wasn’t really there” theory. h/t heavy


There are still other questions popping up from people who watched videos of her rally. For example, some noted that the music playing when Clinton took the stage was different in one video compared to the next.


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