Hillary Clinton Has a BODY DOUBLE?

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This political season has been a season of “stranger things have happened,” and stranger than strange is a new claim that Hillary Clinton, after falling ill at the 9/11 ceremony in NYC, used a body double in an effort to later appear revived and well while emerging from Chelsea’s apartment.

Hillary is obviously a very sick woman, unless you subscribe to the allergies and/or pneumonia narrative.



The Hillary Body Double weigh less than Hillary – it’s impossible to lose that much weight in just a couple of hours. I noticed the hips and thighs are different. The Hillary Body Double looks ten years younger than the one who collapsed earlier at 9/11 ceremony. hillary-clinton-body-double-bartwellThe finger and nose controversy – they just don’t match they said. Hillary hardly carry her own purse – yep, the Democrat Madam sure don’t! And the picture that surfaced shows the new Hillary carrying her purse different shoulder. NOTE! Women don’t switch shoulders when it comes to their purse. I was forced to switch to the right only after I injured my left shoulder and the habit stayed. Her famous handler, medic team and Secret Service entourage missing when she reemerged.


If she was rushed to a hospital because she was in critical condition, that’s where they would be – not at Chelsea Clinton’s apartment. h/t 70news


It’s safe to say that if Hillary Clinton’s medical issue was just another case of pneumonia, there is NO NEED for the Democrat Party Committee to have a meeting and consider a replacement.


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