MYSTERY Object Falls From Hillary Clinton While Stumbling at 9/11 Ceremony [VIDEO]

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Newly released enhanced video (below) from Hillary Clinton‘s “medical episode,” at the 9/11 ceremony shows a strange metal object falling from her person.

The footage, which was zoomed in and slowed down, shows the unknown object falling from what appears to be the pant leg of Hillary before she was swept away in a black van after falling ill at the September 11 anniversary ceremony in NYC.



The video was first shared on subreddit for Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump, where it quickly shot to the top of the bulletin board system website. The video begins with the footage released earlier today, which left people wondering about the Democratic Presidential candidate’s health. It then slows down multiple times and zooms in to show something falling out of Clinton’s pant leg as two men in black brace her. The object isn’t easily identifiable, but some claim to be able to hear a metallic sound too. h/t heavy

Some on social media speculated that Clinton may wear leg braces. Others think it may be a part to a hidden catheter.

hillary wheelchair

In the video, Clinton is then quickly swept away after she is put inside the black van.




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