Ice Road Trucker Darrell Ward And The Daughter He Leaves Behind

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Terra Ward, the daughter of late Ice Road Truckers star, Darrell Ward, has two daughters. Terra took to Facebook to express her grief over her father’s loss.

In a post from August 28, Terra wrote:

Terra Ward darrell daughter


“People don’t understand they tell me sorry but they don’t know how sorry I am the week we spent together the look on lailas face when you were water skiing when she was yelling careful papa how shaylee will never get the chance to know your jokes I can’t say enough about you! I love you so much daddy I love you so much!” (Facebook/TerraWard)

Terra Ward darrell family

Terra, 21, currently lives in Anthony, Kansas, where she is a stay-at-home mother. She is engaged to a man named Jarrett Brooks.

Darrell Ward was killed in plane crash on Sunday. The accident happened near the Rock Creek exit on Interstate 90 in Montana.


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