POLL: Would You Allow YOUR Daughter To Intern At A CLINTON Occupied WHITE HOUSE?

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Recently TheCount.com modestly polled our Twitter followers and asked the burning question:

Would you allow your daughter to intern at the White House if Bill Clinton returned?

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The results are in and it’s an overwhelming 88% NO. That’s not a surprise to us considering no parent in their right mind would send their daughter into the lion’s den knowingly or better yet, a den of iniquity.

Where should we start with all the skeletons Slick Willie’s closet? Oh Billy boy has a laundry list of women from his past; some have claimed harassment or rape and others claim lengthy affairs.

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Yes it seems like old Bill has been a very busy and very bad boy. His is the type of infidelity that makes you wonder if he had his fingers crossed when taking his wedding vows.

Juanita Broaddrick and Paula Jones shared similar stories with Clinton’s modus operandi being to corner them in their hotel room and proceed to expose himself or worse assault them.

Other women give details of sordid affairs, some that spanned over a decade. Dolly Kyle, Kathleen Willey, Gennifer Flowers, Sally Perdue and Lencola Sullivan are only a few of the more familiar names but there are more, oh boy are there more. Even former Clinton bodyguards have written “tell all books” about the women in Bill’s life.

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Now the most infamous woman in Bill’s life…….Monica Lewinski. Man can you imagine your claim to fame relieving POTUS with her mouth. I mean really if Bill wanted discretion he should have called Superhead, at least she wouldn’t have spilled.

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Bill Clinton had never openly admitted to any of these affairs or accusations of sexual misconduct but he has settled several lawsuits and he did get disbarred for lying about relations with Monica Lewinsky, which he eventually had to admit were true. The Lewinsky Scandal led to Clinton surrendering his law license and it began the “impeachment of Bill Clinton,” which was later acquitted due to lack of conviction votes by the Senate. Shortly after being acquitted, the judge in the Paula Jones case held Clinton in contempt of court for repeatedly and intentionally refusing to tell the truth. He was fined 90,000 and referred to Arkansas Supreme Court for further discipline action.

So if Bill was doing all of these things during their marriage and his presidency, then how can we trust Hillary to run our country?


If she didn’t respect herself enough to do something or fight for the women he abused, then how is she going to fight for the “little people” as her campaign promises?

Hillary turning the other cheek should come as no surprise, after all she did represent Thomas Alfred Taylor, a 41-year-old man accused of raping a 12-year-old girl. No matter if she says it was court ordered representation there are too many witnesses and documentation that describe how Hillary attacked the victim and laughed about getting her clients rape reduced.

I guess what still confuses me is if so many of you out there wouldn’t trust your own daughter in the White House with the Clinton’s, then why should we elect this sadistic family again. It will be deja vu for another unsuspecting intern, who is someone’s daughter and as a nation our duty to protect.


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