BACKLASH: Lady Grey Jewelers Effort To Exploit Ivanka Trump Purchase BACKFIRES BIG TIME

Duchess Kimberly Daroya - August 19, 2016


You’ve heard it said all publicity is good publicity but I beg to differ. Lady Grey, an online costume jewelry boutique, recently got an order from Ivanka Trump.

Now most business owners would be thrilled at the prospect of Donald Trump‘s daughter becoming a walking advertisement for their product by wearing it in her daily social life. I mean, come on that’s high exposure and it’s free. The first rule of business is: the best advertising is by word of mouth.

Lady Grey Jewelry Note Ivanka Trump


Well the co-founders and designers of the brand, Jill Martinelli and Sabine Le Guyader, had a different reaction to an order from Ivanka. They thought it would be cute to send a message to Trump himself by enclosing a note that said the following:

Lady Grey Jewelry Note Ivanka Trump exposed

“Dear Ivanka, thank you so much for your web order,” brand designers Jill Martinelli and Sabine Le Guyader wrote. “We’re happy to let you know that the proceeds of your sale have been generously donated to The American Immigration Council, the Everytown For Gun Safety organization, and the Hillary Clinton Campaign. We hope you enjoy your new Lady Grey #helixearcuff.”

They then thought they would get some overwhelmingly positive exposure by posting their “PSA – public service announcement) online on Instagram for all the world to see. Well it blew up quickly but not in the way they expected. The majority of people reading the note found it terribly unprofessional and rude. While there may have been a few snickers in the highly shallow democratic socialite circle, the rest found it completely classless.

You can have a passionate political stand but as a business owner you need to maintain some professionalism and decorum to all the customers you serve. Ivanka is not her father and in fact she has a very high respectable following and she is a voice in today’s fashion world.

Lady Grey Jewelry Note Ivanka Trump sucks

What a colossal missed opportunity by those two bird brains. Now she probably won’t even wear the piece and the negative attention this garnered makes them look like they failed Business 101 (never be an a-hole to your customer.)

There is a time and place to express your opinion and take a stand but lashing out at your customer is not the appropriate time. If you had such a problem with “The Don” then you simply shouldn’t have fulfilled the order in the first place. Really, if the Trump family views offend you so wholeheartedly, then why allow them to be caught wearing your designs?

Lady Grey Jewelry Note Ivanka Trump backlash

This folks is why I think Lady Grey is being an opportunistic turd and capitalized by gaining 15 seconds of fame at Ivanka’s expense. If you’re going to serve the public, then you need to put your biases aside. Just ask Kim Davis how expressing her beliefs in public worked out.


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