Wolfman’s Got Nards! MONSTER SQUAD May Be Resurrected! BITCHIN!

Duchess Kimberly Daroya - August 18, 2016


While Monster Squad may not have been a big box office hit, it was a signature staple of the 80’s. Thanks to the ever popular VHS tape, Monster Squad was able to develop a huge fan base that would solidify this as a totally awesome “cult classic.”

Ahhh I remember it like it was yesterday, roaming the halls of school only to hear words like “bogus” – “band aide breath” – “wolfman’s got nards” and “bitchin’.”

Monster Squad wolfman’s got nards


After watching Monster Squad not only was I a fan but I thought every old man in my neighborhood was “scary German guy” and I checked under my bed for like a year. Yes, I like thousands of other girls thought we were going to lose our virginity to Rudy in the backseat of a car.

Never mind all that, anyway there is something so original and captivating about Monster Squad that it’s been passed to the generations today and has an even bigger fan base. The fan base got so big they were able to get the studio to release Monster Squad on DVD and that was no easy feat.

Just how big is the fan base of Monster Squad? Well let’s ask Ryan Gosling, Hollywood’s heartthrob, who is in fact a HUGE fan.

wolfman’s got nards

Monster Squad was one of Shane Black’s first scripts and Gosling has always wanted to work with him. Black wrote action packed hits like: Lethal Weapon, The Last Boy Scout and Last Action Hero. Black and Gosling finally got to work together on a comedy released this year called The Nice Guys. Gosling said if it wasn’t for Monster Squad he may have never done the film.

So maybe that’s why there has been rumors for the last few years of a remake. This speculation is getting mixed emotions from fans. One, because really how many remakes have been better or even lived up to the original. Two, because it doesn’t need a remake.

Shane Black stated he would be very interested in a remake but some fans had petitioned that they would rather a sequel. Black said a sequel could be good but the problem is the premise is about kids who fight monsters, not adults.

See I have a solution for this, myself being a hardcore fan and owning the DVD; you can do Monster Squad: The Next Generation. The sequel can be centered on the original member’s kids now fighting the monsters on a whole different level.  Look there I have solved the problem.

Monster Squad wolfman’s got nards bitchin

Now Shane Black if you read this and you’re inspired, I want to write the script with you.

All this attention did catch the eye of Hollywood, specifically Platinum Dunes, who was the force behind multiple horror remakes and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles remake. They began developing a remake of the script back in 2010 and even hired writers. Since then nothing has really blossomed. Now, in a new interview, the Platinum Dunes team admitted it’s finally dead.

That doesn’t mean talk of a remake has stopped. Shane Black is still putting his feelers out and showing interest in a remake and people are responding.

The fan base needs to convene in some sort of Comic Con setting but in Monster Squad style. We really need to decide if we want to support such a venture as a remake or sequel or just leave well enough alone. Remember Hollywood is about supply and demand. If there is a demand for it, they will supply it.


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