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Sylville Smith, the man who was fatally shot by police in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, had a lengthy criminal arrest record. In 2014, Smith was convicted for carrying a concealed weapon.

Smith, 23, who was in possession of a gun, was killed by police after fleeing from a traffic stop, claim cops. His death lead to riots in the city’s North Side.

Sylville Smith milwaukee


A search of Wisconsin court records revealed several arrests:

July 2014: Convicted for carrying a concealed weapon. He pleaded guilty to the charge and was fined $443 and ordered to serve one day in jail.

— His record also includes guilty findings on traffic offenses for speeding, operating a motor vehicle without insurance, possession of open intoxicants in a motor vehicle and operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license.

— 2015: Charged with intimidating a witness by a person charged with a felony, which is itself a felony offense.

— 2015: Charged with first-degree recklessly endangering safety, a felony, and misdemeanor possession of THC.

Sylville Smith milwaukee arrest record

— February 2015 was a suspect in a shooting. Smith was accused of calling his girlfriend from jail to tell her to call the victim in the shooting case to get him to fill out a sworn affidavit saying Smith didn’t commit the crime, according to court documents obtained by the Journal Sentinel.

The victim recanted his identification of Smith and the case was dropped after the victim did not show up to court and was uncooperative, the newspaper reports.

Sylville Smith milwaukee shooting

— In 2013, Smith was charged with retail theft. h/t dennismichaellynch




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