SURPRISE! Hillary Campaign Manager Enjoyed HUGE $35 Million Dollar Russian Gig

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Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has been going hard in an effort to condemn Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump for his connections to Russia. But according to Breitbart, watchdog group Government Accountability Institute revealed that John Podesta, chairman of Hillary’s campaign, once sat on the board of a small energy company that received upwards of $35 million in funds from, wait for it, the Russian government!

The report was confirmed by both the New York Post and The Wall Street Journal, and noted that Podesta had FAILED to disclose the lucrative relationship on federal financial forms, as required by law.


The 56-page GAI report delved into the details of the “Russian reset” that occurred while Clinton served as secretary of state, and revealed a little-known initiative pushed by Clinton to help develop a sort of Russian version of Silicon Valley, a technologically advanced “innovation city” outside of Moscow known as Skolkovo. Clinton corralled numerous U.S. tech firms into contributing to the initiative, including some 17 companies that had either donated to the Clinton Foundation or paid former President Bill Clinton for speeches. However, the FBI warned in 2014 that the Skolkovo project was being used by the Russian government to access and acquire sensitive or classified research material and information, particularly regarding military technologies. Around that same time, Podesta sat on multiple boards for an energy company called Joule Unlimited, the company that received a $35 million investment from a Russian government-controlled business known as Rusnano. h/t defund

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However, Podesta only disclosed two of the three Joule-related boards he served on, as is required by law.


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