Longtime Jeb Bush Senior Adviser Leaves GOP Over Donald Trump Khan Comments

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Sally Bradshaw, a longtime Jeb Bush senior adviser, says she’s leaving the Republican party over comments Donald Trump made about Khizr Khan.

Bradshaw, 50, said that she will not vote for Trump and would even vote for Hillary Clinton if the race in Florida is close. She called Trump a “total narcissist,” a “misogynist” and a “bigot.”

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Here is a look at Bradshaw and why she has decided to leave the GOP.

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1. Trump’s Comments on Khizr Khan Was the Last Straw for Bradshaw

2. Braaadshaw Ran Jeb Bush’s Unsuccessful 2016 Presidential Campaign

3. Bradshaw Started Working for the Bush Family on George H.W. Bush’s Presidential Campaign

4. After Bush Dropped out, Bradshaw Decided to Open an Independent Bookstore

5. She Worked on Mitt Romney’s 2008 Presidential Campaign & Haley Barbour’s Exploratory Committee


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