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on August 31, 2016

Woman BERATES LYFT Driver Over RACIST Dashboard Hula Girl Bobble Doll

The day and age of being politically correct has hit ridiculous new heights after a woman using ride sharing service, LYFT, objected to the driver displaying a hula girl bobble on his dash.

According to passenger, Annaliese Nielsen, those dashboard dancing dolls are extremely offensive because they insult the memory of “the pillaging of the continent of Hawaii.”

Annaliese Nielsen hula girl lyft woman

This aspiring Social Justice Warrior recorded her Lyft ride and her 5-minute, possibly drunken, verbal barrage on her driver. Continue reading

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on August 31, 2016

Trending News: Hermine Watch Entended 2 Planes Collide In Alaska 14-Year-Old Shot In TN


Hurricane watch extended to Destin, Fla., as Hermine tracks farther west – Weather Channel


Arizona Supreme Court ruling confirms voter initiative legalizing recreational marijuana will be on the November ballot – AP


Officials: 2 planes carrying total of 5 people collide in midair near Bethel, Alaska; emergency crews en route – ADN


Memphis police: 14-year-old shot near Craigmont High School, 1 person being questioned – WMC
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on August 31, 2016

NYPD Release Sketch Of Man Wanted For Questioning In MURDER Of Katrina Vetrano

The NYPD released a sketch of a man wanted for questioning in the murder of jogger Katrina Vetrano.

New York Police released the sketch of the unidentified man who they say is not a suspect or person of interest at this time in the slaying of the Queens jogger. However, the NYPD wrote on Twitter that they want to talk to the man.

Karina Vetrano dead

“We are seeking to speak to the male in this sketch about the murder of #KarinaVetrano. Please call #800577TIPS,” he wrote. Continue reading

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on August 31, 2016


Baylee Curran, the woman who accused Chris Brown of pointing a gun at her, is herself wanted in NYC for allegedly snatching another woman’s purse.

The NYPD is seeking to question Curran over the years old case, which claims Curran grabbed an expensive Louis Vuitton purse and removed the wallet while her and two friends vacationed in New York.

Baylee Curran, purse snatch

During a dispute, she and another woman allegedly grabbed a $1,000 Louis Vuitton purse from the third friend. Continue reading

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on August 30, 2016

So How Did Joe Hicks Die?

Joe Hicks, a black conservative and community activist from Los Angeles, died Sunday. He was 75.

Hicks passed away at Saint John’s Health Center in Santa Monica following complications after a routine hernia operation.

joe hicks cnn

In recent years Hicks — with his bald head and thick mustache — had become a familiar right-wing pundit in debates over the high-profile shooting deaths of black people at the hands of police officers. Continue reading

by Duchess Kimberly Daroya
on August 30, 2016

It’s Official! Pretty Little Liars Coming To An End

We all knew it was coming but most of us PLL (Pretty Little Liar) fans held out hope that the rumors were false and this was just a plot twist in –A’s sick little game.

Alas, no the final season will be in 2017 and it is ending. Marlene King and the PLL crew got together this morning for a live chat and they dished all the dirty little details of the last season. You can find the chat on their Facebook page, plus some delicious fan questions.

PLL is coming to an end

The final 10 episodes will premiere on Freeform, in April of 2017. The crew promised more twist and turns than we could imagine and maybe some fan fave’s will return. King and the Liars promised all of our questions will be answered and motives revealed.

Continue reading

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on August 30, 2016
by Keeping - TheCount - Since 2005!
on August 30, 2016

Who Is Baylee Curran? And Did Chris Brown Really Assault Her With A Gun?

Baylee Curran is in the news today over an alleged confrontation with singer, Chris Brown.

Curran is a model who was hanging out with Brown when she claims, she was asked to leave his residence at gunpoint.

baylee curran chris brown

Curran said she was inspecting some gold jewelry while partying at Brown’s residence when he and another man went off on a verbal tirade before demanding she leave at gunpoint.

Continue reading

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on August 30, 2016

Chris Brown BARRICADED In Home Over Assault Accusation

Chris Brown is barricaded in his home and pleading his case via Instagram while Los Angeles police prepare a search warrant to enter and search the home of singer. A woman departed the home in a squad car after calling 911 to report that he allegedly threatened her with a gun.

The Los Angeles Times reported that police received a call from the Tarzana home at about 3 a.m. on Tuesday.

chris brown assault instagram tmz

Here’s some fast facts:

1. Brown Responded on Instagram & Police Were Seeking a Search Warrant For the Home

Brown unleashed a response in a series of Instagram videos in which he expressed anger at the accusations, denying he’d done anything wrong (warning: graphic language). Continue reading

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on August 29, 2016

TOO SOON? So How Much Was Gene Wilder WORTH When He Died?

Now that comedic icon Gene Wilder has passed away the only big question still looms is what was his net worth? This is Hollywood after all.

After 30 movies, many of them huge hits, the legendary actor left his benefactors the healthy sum of $20 million.


Gene Wilder Net Worth: Gene Wilder was an American stage and screen actor, director, screenwriter and author who had a net worth of $20 million. h/t celebritynetworth Continue reading