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on June 22, 2016

FULL TRANSCRIPT: Trump’s NYC Hillary Smackdown Speech June 22 2016

Donald Trump‘s NYC speech concerning the stakes of the election delivered complete with a can of Clinton whoopass.

The remarks are presented as prepared for delivery, in other words, directly off the republican candidate’s teleprompter, sadly minus the ad libs.

trump speech transcript june 22 2016

TRUMP: Today I’d like to share my thoughts about the stakes in this election.
People have asked me why I am running for President.
I have built an amazing business that I love and I get to work side-by-side with my children every day. Continue reading

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on June 21, 2016

Orlando Shooter’s Gay Lover: He Believed Clubgoer Had Infected Him With AIDS

Omar Mateen‘s gay lover made the shocking claim that he did the shooting as “revenge” against Latino men because he thought he may have been infected with AIDS.

The unidentified man speaking to Univision, said Mateen was upset after having a sexual encounter with two Puerto Rican men after one of them revealed he was HIV positive.


“He was terrified that he was infected,” the man told Univision. “I asked him, ‘Did you do a test?’ Yes. Continue reading

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on June 21, 2016

VIDEO: Rihanna Hammers Tears During Dublin Concert

Well now this is something you don’t see everyday.. Rihanna broke down in tears during her performance in Dublin Tuesday night.

The crowd was singing along to the singer’s rendition of “Love The Way You Lie,” when Riri began to openly weep. After the waterworks, she was unable to continue for several minutes.

rihanna crying dublin concert

RiRi was singing “Love the Way You Lie”, her hit song with Eminem, when the audience roared the words back at her, and it was just too much. She dissolved into tears, unable at a point to continue. You rarely see Rihanna like this. Continue reading

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on June 19, 2016

Star Trek Series Ensign Chekov Anton Yelchin DEAD At 27

The actor who played Ensign Chekov in the rebooted Star Trek, Anton Yelchin, died this morning in a “fatal traffic collision,” according to AP. He was 27.

Yelchin appeared in a number of roles over the years, but really hit his big break when he appeared as Chekov in the popular Star Trek series.

Anton Yelchin Ensign Chekov

Since then, he has appeared in the Smurfs movies, Terminator Salvation, the Fright Night remake, the romantic drama Like Crazy, and the recent thriller Green Room. Continue reading

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on June 19, 2016

The Voice CURSED? Another Contestant DEAD After Ambushed In Chicago

Singer, Alejandro Jano Fuentes, who appeared on the Mexican version of singing competition “The Voice,” has died after being shot on Chicago’s Southwest side.

Fuentes, 45, was shot in the head several times by an unknown assailant who ordered him from his vehicle.  Friends who were traveling with the singer said, noting was taken in the execution style murder.

Alejandro Jano Fuentes die

The Cook County Medical Examiner’s office confirmed that 45-year-old Alejandro “Jano” Fuentes died on Saturday. Continue reading

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on June 19, 2016

New Jennifer Aniston Bikini Pics Best Proof Yet She’s Pregnant?

Friends star, Jennifer Aniston, is once again, rumored to be pregnant, and these new bikini photos may be the best evidence yet that this time, it’s finally true, or not.

Aniston, 47, was spotted on the beach in the Bahamas her hubby, Justin Theroux, looking like she may be displaying a baby bump, or, she had a really big lunch.

jennifer aniston pregnant bikini

See more of the revealing pics here.

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on June 18, 2016

VIDEO: Stunning BLACK RING UFO Spotted Hovering Above Disneyland In California!

A freaky black ring shaped UFO is being dubbed a possible ‘alien portal’ after being spotted spinning above Disneyland in Anaheim.

A video depicts the smoke-ring-like object hovering above the Magic Castle at the popular theme park in California on April 27.

black ring ufo disneyland

Baffled visitors watched it float by, yelling: ‘What is that?’ while a conspiracy theorist said it would cause families to worry of an alien invasion. Continue reading

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on June 17, 2016

Stephen Curry Wife Ayesha On Twitter: NBA RIGGED

Following Stephen Curry’s tantrum in the final minutes of the Golden State Warriors’ loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers in game 6 Thursday night, the NBA star’s wife, Ayesha Curry, took to Twitter to say she feels the NBA is rigged.

“”I’ve lost all respect sorry this is absolutely rigged for money… Or ratings in not sure which. I won’t be silent. Just saw it live sry.” Ayesha later deleted the controversial tweet.

Ayesha Curry nba rigged

Stephen Curry, the two-time MVP, received his sixth foul for grabbing LeBron James in the fourth quarter. Continue reading

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on June 17, 2016

Stephen Curry Claims NBA Security ‘Profiled’ Father-In-Law

Steph Curry — NBA Security ‘Profiled’ My Father-In-Law … ‘Threatened to Arrest Him’

Steph Curry and his wife, Ayesha, claim her father was “profiled” and “almost arrested” by NBA security at Game 6 in Cleveland Thursday night … in…

French Montana and Drake Shoot ‘No Shopping’ Video

Drake and French Montana get it poppin’ once again. The “Pop That” collaborators teamed up for another joint, “No Shopping,” and …

Continue reading

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on June 16, 2016

Singer Meat Loaf Collapses On Stage Rushed To Hospital

“I Would Do Anything For Love” singer, Meat Loaf, collapsed while performing on-stage during a concert in Edmonton, Canada, Thursday night, according to news reports.

Meat Loaf, 68, born Michael Lee Aday, was rushed by ambulance to an area hospital after falling down while singing. His condition was not immediately released.

meatloaf collapses Edmonton

Meatloaf announced a string of shows cancellation earlier this week due to what was described an undisclosed illness. Continue reading