Starbucks Barista Gives Jodie Foster Star Treatment, One Problem, It was Helen Hunt

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Oscar-winning actress, Helen Hunt, tweeted a photo of a Starbucks cup with the name “Jody” written on it, along with the caption, “Ordered my drink @Starbucks Asked the barista if she wanted my name. She winked and said. “We gotcha” #JodieFoster”

The Starbucks barista mistook Hunt for another Oscar-winning actor, Jodie Foster, whose name he also got wrong, spelling it “Jody.”

starbucks helen hunt jodie foster


When Helen asked if the Starbucks employee wanted her name, the barista simply responded, “We gotcha.” Weeelllll, apparently they don’t, because they wrote “Jody”, as in Jodie Foster, instead. [BTW, we love that they still managed to spell “Jodie” wrong, too. On brand, Starbucks!] h/t hellogiggles

starbucks helen hunt jodie foster cup tweet

Starbucks responded to Hunt in an apologetic tweet, “Starbucks Coffee: ‎@HelenHunt Sorry about that! We hope the drink was still as good as it gets.”


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