LAPD Officer Kept Possible OJ Simpson Murder Weapon Secret

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A Los Angeles police officer who came to possess of a knife found on OJ Simpson‘s Rockingham property, apparently kept it at his home for years as a memento.

A construction worker found the knife as early as “several years ago” or as far back as 1998 when Simpson’s house was being demolished, and presented his find to a cop who was working near by.

oj simpson murder weapon


After finding the knife was found at the perimeter of Simpson’s estate, the construction worker took the knife out to the street, where he saw a Los Angeles police officer. He told the officer where he found the knife, and the officer took it. At the time, the officer, who worked in the traffic division, was off duty, working security for a movie shoot across the street from Simpson’s home. The officer, apparently delighted to find a souvenir from the Simpson estate, took it home and kept it. When the officer retired in late January, he contacted a friend who worked in the department’s robbery homicide division. He wanted to get the department record number for the Simpson/Goldman case. He hoped to engrave the number into a frame holding the knife. He planned to display the knife on a wall. h/t mercurynews

lapd oj simpson knife

The friend, indignant at the officer holding onto such a potentially important piece of evidence, reported the news to superiors who demanded the officer turn it over the department.




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