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on March 31, 2016

China Bans April Fools’ Day

April Fools’ Day has been banned in China in an unprecedented crackdown. The tradition of playing practical jokes on your friends, family and coworkers on April 1st has fallen victim to the ban.

China’s Communist Party launched a campaign three years ago to criminalize the spreading of rumors. Xinhua’s post suggests an April Fools’ Day prank that mocked or undermined the Party could have potentially serious consequences.

China Doll school girl - Venus Palermo

“’April Fools’ Day’ is not consistent with our cultural tradition, or socialist core values,” state news agency Xinhua announced on social media Friday. “Hope nobody believes in rumors, makes rumors or spreads rumors.” Continue reading

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on March 31, 2016

YAHOO: Trader Joe’s CLOSING All 457 Stores

Is this just a case of April Fools’ joke gone wrong, or is Trader Joe’s actually shuttering all 457 of its popular markets?

Yahoo! Style reported the shocking news Thursday that the grocer will be closing all of its stores by January 2017. Additionally, the popular chain would be discontinuing all of its products.

is trader joes closing all stores

The Yahoo article reported that Trader Joe’s released a press release Thursday morning, however, there is no announcement posted to the site. In a statement to WHO-TV, Trader Joe’s public relations director Alison Mochizuki said: Continue reading

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on March 31, 2016

6 Shot Including 2 Cops At Richmond VA Greyhound Bus Station

At least six people were shot, including two Virginia State Police officers, after a suspect opened fire inside the Greyhound bus station in Richmond Virginia Thursday afternoon.

Richmond Police Chief Alfred Durham confirmed six people had been shot. He said two of the victims were in critical condition. The suspect, who has yet to be identified, was reportedly shot dead.

6 Shot Including 2 Cops At Richmond VA Greyhound Bus Station

Virginia State Police spokeswoman Corinne N. Geller earlier said two troopers were shot as well as a female civilian. State police were called to the shooting at the bus station in the 2910 N. Boulevard at 2:45 p.m. Multiple sources told WTVR CBS 6 Continue reading

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on March 31, 2016

Nathan Crisp Donald Trump Hotel VP Accused Of Manhattan Attack On Mother Of 2

A vice president in Donald Trump’s Hotel operation, Nathan Crisp, has been accused of assaulting a mother-of-two by throwing her to ground on Easter Sunday in Manhattan.

Sheneik McCallum told the New York Daily News that she pulled over her vehicle on Gold Street in Manhattan’s financial district in an effort to make sure one of her children was securely strapped into his baby seat when the attack took place.

Sheneik McCallum Nathan Crisp

McCallum then says that Nathan Crisp, 27, came out and told her to get off his property.

She told the Daily News that he then slammed her to the ground twice. Continue reading

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on March 31, 2016

House Of Cards Robin Wright Scores MAJOR Role In BLADE RUNNER Sequel

Ex-Sean Penn wifey and House Of Cards actress, Robin Wright is in final negotiations to join Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling in Alcon’s “Blade Runner” sequel, reports Variety.

Wright had been sought by the studio for some time, but her complex “House of Cards” schedule made unlikely that she would be available, however Alcon was able to work out the details and a deal is expected to close.

Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright

Ford is reprising his role of detective Rick Deckard with “Sicario” helmer Denis Villeneuve directing. Continue reading

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on March 31, 2016

Superstar Architect Zaha Hadid DEAD At 65

Superstar Iraqi-British architect, Zaha Hadid, has died. She was 65.

Reps said, Hadid died early Thursday at a hospital in Miami after suffering a sudden heart attack while being treated for bronchitis. Hadid was hospitalized earlier in the week to be treated for the illness.

how did Zaha Hadid die

The statement said Hadid, “was widely regarded to be the greatest female architect in the world today.” She was born in Baghdad in 1950 and studied at the American University of Beirut before continuing her studies at the Architectural Association in London. “By 1979 she had established her own practice in London – Zaha Hadid Architects – garnering a reputation across the world for her ground-breaking theoretical works including,” the statement said. “Working with office partner Patrik Schumacher, her interest was in the interface between architecture, landscape, and geology; which her practice integrates with the use of innovative technologies often resulting in unexpected and dynamic architectural forms.” h/t theheavy

Zaha Hadid died

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Hadid’s family and friends at this difficult time.

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on March 30, 2016

Reporter Claiming Trump Manager Assault In Hiding After Home Address Leaked Online

Ex-Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields has gone into hiding Wednesday, citing safety concerns, after Fox News and BuzzFeedaccidentally” leaked her address online.

The news outlets claimed they inadvertently posted the phone number and address of Fields when they published the arrest report of Donald Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski.

leaked info michelle fields reporter trump campaign manager corey lewandowski hiding

Fields told TheBlaze that she had been inundated with threatening messages on her phone after the two outlets mistakenly posted her information. Continue reading

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on March 30, 2016

NASCAR Driver CHARGED In MASSIVE Drug And Tobacco Smuggling Ring

NASCAR driver Derek White, as well as 60 other people, have been charged in connection with a massive tobacco and drug smuggling ring, according to a shocking report by Bloomberg. It is unknown whether White was taken into custody with the other suspects.

White is charged in organising what Canadian officials are calling the biggest tobacco and drug smuggling bust in North American history. Officials seized more than 2,294 tons of tobacco leaf, 836 kilos of cocaine, 21 kilos of methamphetamine, 100 grams of fentanyl and 35 pounds of marijuana.

NASCAR driver Derek White drug bust

White allegedly worked within a criminal organization to bring cheap tobacco into Quebec from the United States without paying taxes on it. The cheap tobacco was then sold on Native reserves, such as the Kahnawake and Six Nations reserves. It is unclear whether White was taken into custody with the other suspects Wednesday. White’s lawyer declined to comment to Bloomberg. White wasn’t just an innocent runner in this scheme, according to Bloomberg. Police handed out organization charts of the ring that put White near the top. Profits from the tobacco were then used to buy harder drugs, like crystal meth and cocaine. Police said the ring smuggled 2,294 tons of tobacco leaf without paying a cent in taxes.The illegal operation represents a 409 million USD in missed tax revenue to Quebec and the Canadian government. h/t autoblog

NASCAR Derek White drug bust

White is a member of the Mohawk tribe and lives in the Kahnawake reserve. He was the first Native American to start in the Sprint Cup last year and has 22 career Xfinity Series starts according to ESPN.

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on March 30, 2016

Katt Williams Arrested Over Viral Brawl With Teen

Katt Williams has found himself in a familiar place, jail, after cops arrested him over coming out on the losing end of a fight with Luke Wash, a 17-year-old boy from Georgia.

Gainesville police officers went to Williams’ house and arrested him Wednesday afternoon after a warrant was issued for the comedian’s arrest on Monday.

Katt Williams luke wash mugshot

The “Scary Movie 5” actor, 42, is being held without bond and will remain in custody until he appears in court Thursday, the newspaper said. Continue reading

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on March 30, 2016

PA Woman Found Beaten Strangled To Death In Bathtub

A Delaware County, PA. woman was found dead, apparently murdered inside the bathtub of her apartment. The grisly discovery was made late afternoon at the New Orleans Park apartment complex in the 900 block of South Avenue in Secane, Pennsylvania.

The woman was located during a welfare check after failing to show up for work. Employees and friends discovered her dead in her bathtub, the shower running on top of her body.

PA Woman Found Beaten Strangled To Death In Bathtub crime scene 2

“Apparently she works in a packaging company in Chester, Pennsylvania, and when she didn’t show up for work, some of the employees and friends got worried about her and they came here,” said Upper Darby Superintendent Michael Chitwood. Continue reading