Missing WA Woman Chilling Last Call: Some Guy Is Chasing Me

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The chilling last known call from missing Tacoma, WA., woman, Nicole Malaspino, was to placed to a friend where she indicating she was being pursued in her vehicle by “some old guy.”

Malaspino, 23, went missing Monday and has not been heard from since. She has since missed a planned visitation with her daughter, Carmela, which her mother says is very unusual.

Nicole Malaspino gofundme missing


Her mother says the last call her daughter made was to a friend, claiming “some old guy was chasing her” and that she needed help. Malaspino was last heard from earlier this week. She normally talks to her mother every day, but the two haven’t spoken since Monday. The last call on her phone was logged Tuesday – that’s the call that indicated she was in Fife and needed help. h/t q13fox

In 2015, a GoFundMe page was setup to help generate funds for Malaspino who had fallen on hard times: “Nicole has unfortunately lost her job and needs help getting by and back on her feet. She has a 3 year old daughter and needs some security until she is able to find another job and is back on her feet. Please help make sure Nicole and Carmela are able to keep their home and have some peace of mind during this very uncomfortable time. Prayers are certainly needed.” The GoFundMe page reflects the effort raised $1,100 of an $1,000 goal.

Nicole Malaspino missing

Anyone with information on the possible whereabouts of Malaspino is urged to call police.




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