Woman 112 Smokes 2 Packs Of Cigarettes a Day For 95 Years

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A 112-year-old woman in Nepal has defied the odds by smoking 30 cigarettes a day for the past 95 years.

Batuli Lamichhane says she’s been smoking for over 9 decades. She is just over 3 years shy of being the oldest person in the world.

Batuli Lamichhane smoking


Instead of holding a cigarette with her index and middle finger, Lamichhane uses her entire right fist, which she then holds to her mouth to inhale. “I don’t really care how old I am,” she said. “But I am old nonetheless. I have seen a lot of things change during my lifetime.” nypost

Batuli Lamichhane

Lamichhane turns 113 in March


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