SORE! Did Rihanna Give Drake Herpes? [PHOTOS]

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Our friends over at Mediatakeout spotted rapper Drake sporting a herpes-like sore on his bottom lip.

The strange abrasion appeared on the rapper’s gob sometime after he was reportedly seen chillin with Rihanna. Could it be time for drake to pick up a lifetime supply of Herpesin?



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“Rihanna and Drake were spotted out together, for the second night in a row. They were both at the studio together. But look CLOSELY at Drake’s MOUTH . . . he appears to have a HERPES-TYPE sore on his lower lip.”

The photo is a little grainy, however that being said, we wouldn’t be caught dead smooching with the rapper! At least not until he gets a checkup!

And hey, Drake, if you’re reading this, Herpesin aka Acyclovir is an ointment which significantly inhibits multiplication of the Herpes simplex virus (I and II) and the Varicella zoster virus.


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