Faith Hill At The Oscars

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We have been inundated by fans asking why Faith Hill displayed a huge scar on her neck while appearing at the 2015 Oscars.

Some fans were asking if Hill had undergone secret throat surgery. We don’t know the answer, but here are a few photos from the red carpet with a few enhanced closeups so you can see what everyone is talking about..

faith hill scar neck oscars 6


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Do you know what the mark is on Faith Hill’s neck near her left clavicle? If so please comment below!


Clint Eastwood Shows Up To Oscars With Christina Sandera
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  • RW

    looks like a cervical fuse, but a little curious as to why it was done on the left side DR’S normally do the right side, as to not damage the voice box

  • chad

    It’s pretty obvious. It looks exactly like a scar from having either just the left side of, or her entire thyroid removed.
    She also could have had a nodule on a vocal chord

  • Tushie

    My guess since the scar is to the side looks like she had thyroid removed