February 14, 2015

Fifty Shades Of BROWN?

Fifty Shades of Grey is a box office smash hit, raking in over $30M in only a few days of release, but that hasn’t stopped critics on Rotten Tomatoes from giving the steamy flick a spoiled 27% on the TOMATOMETER..

“Frankly, after watching the film, I felt ambivalent. The film’s not exhausting, at least. It’s not quite fifty shades of dreck.” Elias Savada Film Threat.

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FIFTY SHADES OF GREY sucks 400x150 Fifty Shades Of BROWN?

It’s an episode of Red Shoe Diaries with a major studio budget. It’s a Lifetime movie with insider art pretensions. A Harlequin romance with anal play. Pete Vonder Haar Houston Press

Still not bad for being based on a book with a narrator who exclaims “jeez” while in the throes of orgasm and talks about her “bottom” like she’s a 4-year-old. Brad Keefe Columbus Alive

Presumably the sequels will explore forbidden taboos like “character development” and “plot.” Eric D. Snider GeekNation

Fifty Shades of Grey” has turned out to be more like 50 shades of blah. Jeanne Kaplan Kaplan vs. Kaplan

The film doesn’t culminate in anything. It’s a bunch of scenes that end before any kind of satisfying conclusion. Wesley Morris Grantland

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